BERHRINGER MIXER XENYX X2442USB 24- channel mixer High-quality analog mixer, ultra-low noise, large margin 10 technologically innovative XENYX mic preamps with phantom power comparable to stand-alone advanced preamplifiers 8 studio-grade compressors with a simple “one button” function and control display for top-notch vocals and instrument sounds Neoclassical “British” 3-band equalizer with semi-parametric IF for warm sound Studio level effects processor with 16 editable presets including reverb, chorus, chrome, delay, pitch shift, multi-effect, beat function, user parameter settings can be saved The built-in stereo USB/audio jack can be used to connect directly to a computer. Free recording editing software, 150 instrument/effect plug-ins and ultra-low latency drivers EnergyXT2.5 BEHRINGER Lite music production software comes with a full-featured audio/MIDI sequencer for a variety of computer use Each mono is equipped with a channel plug and direct output, as well as a main mix insert for flexible connection to external devices 4 auxiliary transmitters per channel: 2 switchable front/rear faders for monitor/effect; 2 rear faders (for built-in effects or for external transmission) All channels are equipped with peak display, mute, group path switch, separate monitor and front fader monitoring 4 subgroups with separate outputs; 4 multi-function stereo auxiliary loopbacks, which greatly increase line flexibility. Balanced main mix output with 6.3 mm socket and gold-plated card socket, separate control room, headphone and stereo recording output The control room/headphone output is equipped with multiple input source matrices, and the recording input can send signals to the main mix or control room/headphone output Durable 60mm streamlined fader and seal control knob “Planet Earth” power supply (100 – 240 V ~), flexible, noise-free, instant response, low power consumption Flexible bracket for use with racks High quality components and extremely rugged construction ensure long life Development and design of BEHRINGER, Germany The USB series “the largest of its kind” is the X2442USB, which has 10 state-of-the-art XENYX electric microphone inputs, 4 stereo channels, 4 auxiliary outputs and 4 stereo auxiliary returns, which we use in each mono. Convenient “one button” compressor. Other unique features of the X2442USB are: four groups that make the mix flexible; the main plug-in (the ideal path for connecting a graphic equalizer or compressor/limiter), and the eight direct and sub-outputs for analog recording. The XENYX USB Series mixers can be used to handle live concerts and provide the tools needed for the most advanced professional sound quality recordings. Thanks to its built-in USB/audio interface, the XENYX USB mixer is equipped with all the recording and editing software to turn the computer system into a complete, high-performance home recording studio. Price: N245,000



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