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Vapour of wisdom.

Copy © 2011 by Dr. David O. Ogbor
ISBN 978 010 369 0
Published by tripple honour entrance.
All right reserved. No portion of this book may be used without the written permission of the publisher, with the exception of brief excepts in magazine, articles, reviews etc.

Dr. David O. Ogbor is the founder/Chief Executive Officer Tripple Honour Entrance, The president/founder, Think Enough Foundation, G.R.E.M (Great Riches Evangelical Movement).
He speaks on entrepreneurship, leadership, networking, management and sales.
He’s a consultant, publisher, trainer, motivator and a financial analyst.
It has been proven that activity doesn’t equate maximum productivity. This implies; no amount of talent will produce maximally without the proper application of SUCCESS PRINCIPLES- there are keys that open with ease doors of uncommon impact.
Empowerment/creative activity activates maximum productivity. One is rated by his ability to produce. You are either a value adding personality or a vacuum occupier. Most people complained of being born in a developing nation but forgot that development is an individualistic affair. Change can begin with a person, that’s you.
You are the reason a collection of this altitude- loaded with multi-dimensional keys from impactful leaders. You will be owing humanity if your friends, neighbors, relatives and enemies are not provided with a copy of this treasure carrier. Let’s begin the walk.

Money said;
I don’t dwell in a faithless zone.
A procrastinating hand has no right reserved to control me.
You give me wings if you worship me and I will surely fly from you.
The search for me by myth is abortive
Not 100% of them the seek me neglecting the almighty God shall find me
Where I am there exist no need for invitation cards or accessories to be noticed
Don’t quickly quit searching for me; I may be in the closest junction.
If I were a lady or man who would not marry me?
If I were with a man or woman who wouldn’t have married him or her?
Am I the only means of survival as accredited to me?
A nation has been preferred to another because of its ability to control and make me available to its citizens.
All existing nations have not yet concluded a common name for me.
People want to have me dominate their wallet at any time.
My magnet is insight and foresight about me.
I don’t exist in a glutton’s world, because his mouth eats my seed and his belly never hesitates to accommodate the chewed seeds.
It’s not an excuse when you disregard my getting or invitation principles because you must surely embrace poverty.
Beware not to neglect my sustaining principle because you must surely negotiate and later mingle with poverty if you do.
Uncontrollable addiction to me without applying my getting principles may transform one into a criminal.
A disobedient folk can never comprehend me.
Money has non- specific town, village, state or continent, it resides on earth. Go get it.
1 – 20 are extracted from talking money by Dr. David O. Ogbor.

In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty. Bob Marley.
Education makes people easy to lead, difficult to drive. Easy to govern but impossible to enslave. Henry Peter.
The man who chooses to develop his body at the expense of his brain will only use the body to break firewood for market women. Obafemi Awolowo.
A man that has not mastered how to spell cat is not expected to spell catastrophe. Dennis Waitley.
It is difficult to drive a nail into a wood in the dark. John Mason.
School is necessary not sufficient. John Mason.
Ignorance is like when a blind man is looking for a blanket in a dark room. John Mason.
It is only mad formulas that can produce result in a crazy economy. Aliko Dangote.
Once you are qualified, people can justify. Farah Grey.
If you desire to earn more, then learn more. Brian Tracy.
Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success. Brian Tracy.
I prefer to employ those who don’t know what will not work. Henry Ford.
Ask question because you can never have all the answers to all the questions. John Maxwell.
Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Abraham Lincoln.
There is always a vacancy for the man that wants to add value to a company. Pastor Sam kiomoh.
Any man that can organize and direct a group of men who possess knowledge useful in the accumulation of money is just as educated as the people he organized. Napoleon Hill.
An educated man is one who has so developed his mind that he can acquire anything he wants or its engagement without violating the right of others. Napoleon Hill.
To know what’s up ask the man that has been there. Dennis Waitley.
It is not what you earn in your job that counts but what you are learning on the job. Robert Kiyosaki.
Formal education guarantees you a job but informal education gives you a fortune. Henry Ford.
Life will only make way for the man that knows where he is going. Rick Warren.
The moment you stop learning, you stop leading. Rick Warren.
A man of intelligence will always control a man of labour. Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
Faith is the title deed of unseen realities. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome.
It is not God that did not know how to give; it is man that did not know how to receive. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome.
God did say: you shall have whatsoever you sayeth. Pastor Sola Olubode.
Satan’s friendship ends at the prison gate. Chinese Proverb.
You are not who you think you are, you are not who the world thinks you are, you are who God says you are. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome.
Whatever God has given is enough to produce whatever he has promised. Mike Murdock.
Your problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude towards the problem. John Maxwell.
It is your mind that will determine your height. Pastor sola olubode.
Principle 101 is to look for one thing you love and give it 100% commitment. John Maxwell.
A cow should not compete with a fish in the ocean. Pastor Sola Olubode.
Purposeless life is worse than death. Dr. David O. Ogbor.
God will only give you enough of what you are. Tara Durotoye.
Until you start weaving, God will not give you more thread. John Mason.
To focus on your strength is to strengthen yourself; to focus on your weakness is to weaken yourself. Dr. David O. Ogbor.
Are you expending Robert Schuller.
If you don’t raise your head up, opportunity will not see you. John Mason.
It is only the grave that starts from up to down. Archbishop Idahosa.
You can be talented and be frustrated, if you are not motivated. John Maxwell.
If you allow your followers to know more than you, you become the follower.
Life teaches us by giving us new problems before we solve the old ones. John Mason.
Excellence is to do common things in an uncommon way. John Mason.
Success is the realization of a worthwhile goal. Napoleon Hill.
Hire yourself if your boss has fired you. Joe C. David
To be good is not enough but to be better is good. Mohamed Ali
It is good to be contented with what you have but not with whom you are. John Maxwell
While some are eating their doughnuts, others are complaining about the hole in the middle. John Mason.
The biggest man you have ever seen was a baby. Bob Marley
Being a baby for a while is normal but remaining a baby forever is a disaster. Pastor Sam Okimah
A job is temporary solution to a permanent problem. Robert Kiyosaki
Standing still is a dangerous action. Brian Tracy
Excellence is the result of striving to do better. Pat Mason
Even a broken clock still has the ability to be right twice in a day. John mason
If you don’t think today, you will sink tomorrow. Less Brown
Leadership is a mental game; the more you think the more you win. Brian Tracy
The way to failure is to think and never act and never think. W. A. Nance
Followers ask time where it is going, but leaders tell time where to go. John Mason
Change your sinking thinking. Zig Ziglar
For as he thinketh in his heart so is he. Proverbs 23: 7A
Good thinking good product. Toyota
It is not what happens to you that matter but what happens in you. John Mason
Start locally but think globally. Rev Chris Oyakhilome
The most reliable asserts you have is your mind, use it well. Chris Oyakhilome
The man that wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. John Maxwell
Being a leader is like being a lady, if you have to remind people you are, then you are not. Margaret Thatcher
If you need to remind your followers that you are their leader before they obey. Then you are not their leader. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Any leadership that is not obvious enough for followers to see require an explanation. English proverb
It is not a disgrace to be a follower and it is not a credit to remain a follower. Napoleon Hill
A good leader introduces himself to his followers by his actions and not his words. Dr. David O. Ogbor.
The greatest mistake on earth is to fear that you will make a mistake. John Maxwell
Any man that did not believe in himself is twice defeated in the game of life. Marcus Garvin
Faith is the antidote for failure. John Mason
Worry is simply the triumph of fear over faith. John Mason
Rest is not possible if fear is not under control. Dr. David O. Ogbor
If you don’t expect it, you will not inspect it. Rev Chris Oyakhilome
Opportunities are not scarce, what is scarce is those that can identify opportunities. John Mason
When the pictures in the mind changes, the performance of the man will change. Zig Ziglar
Every man is heading towards the association of his association. John Maxwell
Life is like tennis, the one who knows how to serve will win. John Maxwell
The most important ingredient in the formula of success is to know how to get along with people. Theodore Roosevelt
If you are suffering from a bad man’s injustice, forgive him so that we would not have two bad men. John Maxwell
You know a man by what he says about others not what others say about him. John Maxwell
We may not know the love of our parents until we become parents. John Maxwell
When I was young, I thought my parents were wrong. Now that I am old, my children are thinking that I am wrong. John Maxwell
To keep the fire burning you must keep the logs together. Reed Crowell
The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. Pastor Sam Okiomah
The strength of a good team is in the reserve bench. Jimmy Agbeje
Those who live for themselves are in a small pretty business. John Maxwell
Those who never do more than are paid for will never be paid more than they do. Albert Hubbard
It is good for a man to believe in God but it is better for God to believe in the man. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Politics is the madness of many but the benefit of few. Alexandra Pope
A giver is the one who can give, when he has and when he lacks. John Mason
You are sure to be the loser when you quarrel with yourself. Charles Colton
By the work, one shall know the workman. La Fantaine
An optimist laughs to forget, but a pessimist forgets to laugh. John Maxwell
There is no scarcity of friends but scarcity of friendship. John Maxwell
Acquaintance is the person you know well enough to borrow from but not well enough to lend to. Ambrose Pierce
Everyman should keep his friends in constant repair. Samuel Johnson
You can get whatever you want in life, if you will help enough others get what they want. Zig Ziglar
No matter what you wear, if you don’t put on a smile, you are naked. John Mason
In politics, there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy but permanent interest. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
If people are kicking you from behind, it means you are ahead. John Mason
You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Shakespeare
If we have to apply the rule of an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, the world will soon be full of toothless and blind people.
If you ride on the back of a lion, you will end up in its belly. Pastor Tunde Bakare
Give every man your ear but give few your voice. William Shakespeare
The best advice to parents is to find out what their children love and advise them to do it. Henry Truman
Living a double life will get you nowhere twice as fast. John mason
If you want to be taken seriously, you must first take yourself serious. Pastor Sam Okiomah
A role model is the photograph of your future. Dr. David O. Ogbor
It is when you give the best of yourself that you get the best of others. John Maxwell
You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him. Abraham Lincoln
It is when you develop others that you permanently succeed. Harvey Firestone.
If you forget your helper, you will die a leper. Bishop David Oyedepo
It is your mental picture that will determine your actual future. Bishop David Oyedepo
God gives provision to any man that has a vision. John Mason
Your yesterday is in the tomb but tomorrow is in the womb. Pastor Sola Olubode
I therefore so run, not as uncertain, so fight I not as one that beateth the air. 1corinthians 9:26
It pays to plan ahead: it wasn’t rainy before Noah built the ark. John Maxwell
Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions. Edger Kaycee
The beautiful flowers of tomorrow are hidden in the ugly seeds of today. John Mason
You cannot shave the beards of the man you did not see. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Don’t look at where you are, look at where you are going. John Mason
Look for a serious need and meet it seriously. Otunba Durojaiye Isaac
People are ready to work eight hours a day for a good pay, ten hours a day for a good boss, but twenty-four hours for a good course. John Maxwell
Life is a garden, you either plant flowers on it or weeds will take over it. James Allen
A pessimist is the one that will see difficulty in every opportunity while an optimist is the one that will see opportunity in every difficulty. John Mason
Vision is a peep into the future. Prof. Adekoya
Vision is the ability to see tomorrow today. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Vision makes a man to dig a well before he is thirsty. John Mason
A hunter that did not see a prey before shooting will just be wasting his bullets. African proverb
During courtship a man would stay all night thinking of what the finance said but after marriage the same man would sleep off before the wife could say anything. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Friend looks through a telescope while critics look through a microscope. John Billing
A wasted minute is irredeemable. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Attitude is a future outlook based on past experience. John Maxwell
Attitude is never content until it is expressed. John Maxwell
To be asked before you give is to wait for too long. John Mason
A wise man looks ridiculous in the company of fools. Thomas Fuller
He that lies down with dogs will rise up with flies. Latin proverb
I may not know the key to success but the way to failure is to try to please everybody. Bill Cosby
You have to live with people to know their problems and live with God to solve the problems. John Mason
Success is God and man in partnership. Kenny Ogungbe
The commendations and condemnations received from people made me a better person. Abraham Lincoln
The damage a liar metes out to others is nothing compared to what he gets in return. African proverb
Many are looking for fault few are looking for solutions. Henry Ford
Don’t treat people the way you like, treat people the way they like. Niyi Adesanya
A team treat cannot win a championship if the players have different agendas. John Maxwell
If people don’t get along with you, they will not go along with you. John Maxwell
I teach what I know but I produce what I am. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Followers stir the ship but leaders chart the course. John Maxwell
The test of leadership is always turn back to see if people are following you. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Leadership is not a trip but a journey. John Maxwell
A rely on an excuse is a thousand miles from reality. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Leadership is not the ability to wield authority, but the ability to command influence. John Maxwell
The one that will succeed is the one that will go ahead of the crowd. John Mason
Leaders don’t do different things, they only do things differently. Yinka Adesada
Those who follow the crowd will never be followed by a crowd. John Maxwell
Leadership is not a day affair but a daily affair. John Maxwell
Leadership is not in the position but in the disposition. John Maxwell
If you are the head, keep moving ahead. Sola Omokehinde
You can’t frighten a dead man. Tunde Bakare
You can succeed if nobody believes in you, but you can’t succeed if you don’t believe in yourself. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Every problem gravitates towards a solution. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Worry will only give a small problem a big shadow. John Mason
Don’t put water in your boat; the storm of life will help you put enough.
Many people believe their doubt and doubt their beliefs. John Mason
Those who say I can’t and those who say I can are both right. Henry Ford
Success is not the elimination of risk but the management of risk. Walter Winston
Some people in other not to speak the wrong thing never speak at all and in other not to do the wrong thing, never do anything at all. Henry Wood Bender
Little faith will take your soul to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your soul. Charles Spurgeon
It is true that everybody can look but it not true to say everybody can see. John Mason
Simply possessing a goal will put you in a higher league than most of your friends. John Maxwell
If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. John Mason
See your people as they could be, not as they are. John Maxwell
The worst ailment on earth is for people to have eyes but no vision. Helen Keller
A business man is the man that has been able to identify a problem and carve out a solution for it. Joe C. David
Expectation is the mother of manifestation. Emmanuel Olumide
Almost everything emanates from almost nothing. Henic Aniel
A man without a vision will end up in a vicious circle. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
If I have to reply all my critics, I will not have time to do anything else. Abraham Lincoln.
If you are in love with yourself, go for a divorce. John Mason
Those that sow pieces of papers on the road will reap dustbin in return. Holly Mallam
Do all the good you can in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the time you can, to all the people you can. John Wesley
Dating is a relationship without commitment. Nike Adeyemi
You will either be remembered for the problems you solved or the ones you created. Mike Murdock
A man is always introduced to himself during period of crises. Napoleon Hill
Do not drown the man that taught you how to swim. Charles Spurgeon
Maintaining the right attitude is either than regaining the right attitude. John Maxwell
It is teamwork that will make a dream work. Ajose Kehinde
The test of generosity is not how much you give but how much you have left. John Mason
It is stated that without vision the people perish but without people the vision will also perish. John Jimoh
If a man repeats a lie over and over to himself, he eventually accepts the lie as truth. Napoleon Hill
If you want your love to grow take less and put more. John Maxwell
The right set up will keep your organization from the wrong set back.
Vote for the man that promises the least, for he will be the least disappointing.
Rules and regulations minus relationship equals to resentment and rebellion (R+R R=RR) john Maxwell
Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves James 1:22
The act of apostles was written in the bible because the apostles took action. John Mason
God’s gift to you is the skill and talent you have and your gift back to God is what you do with it. Pastor Sola Olubode
The three elements of success are: aspiration, inspiration and perspiration. John Maxwell
If you wait for perfect conditions, you never get anything done. Ecclesiastes 11:4
A dream without action is wish. Marlor Smith
If the richest soil is not cultivated it will produce the richest weed. John Maxwell
Pastor should not preach a new sermon if the members have not acted on the last one. John Maxwell
You cannot keep your head above water until you stick out your neck. John Mason
Do what everybody will not do, so you can have what everybody will not have.
It is good actions that will make you a hero and not good intentions. Henry Ford
The harder I work the luckier I become. Thomas Jefferson
Entrepreneurship is the act of providing profitable solutions to problems. Joe C. David
Any shot you refuse to take is already a missed shot. John Mason
It is better to fail in doing something than to succeed in doing nothing. John Mason
To be upset about what you don’t have is to waste what you have. Nay Jr
Don’t mistake motion for action. John Mason
Standing still is a dangerous action. John Mason
To regain a lost opportunity, you need to work twice as hard. John Maxwell
Success is the result of transmuting mental pictures into action. napoleon Hill
A man whose ship has arrived will always find his relatives at the dock. John Maxwell
You don’t see things as they are; you see things as you are. Herb Cain
A half-truth is a whole lie. John Mason
It is who you follow that determines what will follow you. Pastor Sola Olubode
When you live without discipline you will die without dignity. Herbert Harris
Blessed is the man that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting. John Mason
A candle will not shine less because it has given light to others. John Mason
The only helping hands that will not forsake you are your own hands. John Mason
Anger is boomerangs that will hit you harder than the one who vent it. John Mason
It is a fact that the human mouth is close to the brain, but when some people speak, you will think their mouths and their brains are miles apart. John Mason
People will always know whether you are building or using them. John Maxwell
If a lizard follows an eagle long enough, it will fly. John Mason
Courtship brings out the best in us but marriage brings out the rest. John Maxwell
A person needs to be loved the most when he deserves to be loved the least. John Maxwell
Faults become thick when love becomes thin. John Maxwell
If you want to make your mother happy, talk to her, but if you want to make your father happy listen to him. John Maxwell
A successful marriage is in triangle; the man, the woman and God. Cecil Meyer
Most parents give their children everything except the thing they need most time. Hubbard
You can always tell a failure by the way he criticizes success. John Mason
Applause is the bye product of success. John Maxwell
Never try to make your child another you. One of you is enough. Arnold Glasgow
The only thing that is better than being loved is to love. John Maxwell
Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success. Napoleon Hill
Quick riches are more dangerous than poverty. Napoleon Hill
By persistence the snail managed to reach the ark before Noah shut the door. Charles Spurgeon
Don’t give up; it may be the last key in the bunch that will open the door. John Mason
The door of success will not open until you push. John Mason
Persistence is stubbornness with a purpose. Rich David
Don’t bother about the spilled milk, as long as the cow is intact. Sam Adeyemi
Don’t bother about the ninety nine strikes you have missed because the one that will score will compensate
Two classes of people are bound to fail in life; those who quit after a defeat and those who quit after a victory. John Mason
In every failure; learn the lesson and forget the details. John Mason
The difference between ordinary and extra- ordinary people is just a little extra. Zig Ziglar
The morning sun will not last a whole day. Benjamin Franklin
Success is not a sudden flight. Joy Jimoh
If you want to succeed quickly, double your failures. Thomas Edison
If you want to temporary succeed, plant coconut. Chinese Proverb
Matches are won by teams with the greatest desire. Kobe Bryant
If you want to leave where you are now, you must run twice as fast. John Maxwell
One machine can take the place of hundred ordinary men, but no machine can take the place of an extraordinary man. Howard H.P
Nothing can withstand the man that has conquered. John Mason
Poverty is the greatest of all evil and the worst of all crimes. Bernard shaw
A flaw diamond is valuable than a perfect brick. John Mason
No matter the depth of a river it cannot drown a fish. Pastor Sola Olubode
Success is not an award but a reward. Pastor Sola Olubode
One man working with you is more than a dozen working for you. John Maxwell
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. John Maxwell
The man that pay peanut will attract monkey. John Maxwell
I agree I did not go into politics to amass wealth, but I did not go into it to amass poverty either. Chuba Okadigbo
It is an offence for a goalpost to be adjusted after a goal has been scored. M. k. O. Abiola
If your friends cannot change you, they will chain you. Matthew Ashimolowo
Your attitude determines your altitude in life. John Maxwell
To be still in deep water is to drown yourself. Harold Mayfield
Life is 10% how you see it and 90% what you make it. Invent Berlin
Go to the believer if you want the honey. John Mason
Life is not a funfair but warfare. Bishop Oyedepo
God made the world round so that nobody can stay in one spot and see the end. John Mason
Different strokes for different folks; while some are chasing money, money is chasing others.
The man that wants to go to the highest must begin at the lowest. Syrus
The fastest way to double your money is to fold it and put it in your pocket. Kim Hubbard
If you go out with determination, you must come back with satisfaction. John Maxwell
The man that is making excuses will not have time to make anything. John Maxwell
The man that is not ready to make mistakes is not ready to make anything. John Mason
Many concentrate on what they lack and ignore what they have. John Mason
The more you complain the less you obtain. John Mason
Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. Thomas Edison
Don’t fall before you are pushed. John Mason
It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong. Henry Long Fellow
It is only the man that is going backward that will arrive without stress. John Maxwell
Every man carries with him the world in which he must live. Marian Crawford
It is true that everybody is busy, but while some are busy marching forward others are busy making time. John Mason
The easiest thing to be in life is yourself and the most difficult thing to be is what others want you to be.
Success is the ability to give commercial value to your talent. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent. Billy Sunday
If you have not found your difference in life, you will not make a difference. Nnanna Kalu
A life of purpose is the purpose of life. John Mason
You are unique; God has no duplicate of you. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Imitation is a limitation. John Mason
To copy others is to cheat yourself. John Mason
Champions are made in the gym but crown on the ring. Mohammed Ali
Prosperity is when opportunity meets preparation. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Success is not a sudden flight. Joy Jimoh
If opportunity is not knocking, go and construct a door. Milton Berie
Most people spend time planning for Christmas than they spend planning their life. John Maxwell
Anybody that appears before his time will disappear before his manifestation. Bishop Oyedepo
The child that refuses to prepare now, will end up carrying bags for the ones that prepared in the future. Joy Jimoh
Those who look down at me today will look up to me tomorrow. Joy Jimoh
You don’t need anybody’s permission to be successful. Ubong Essien
Contrary wind drives your root deeper. Pastor Sam Okiomah
Any man that is satisfied with what is good can never do what is better. John Mason
If you move too fast you can catch up with misfortune and if you move to slow misfortune will catch up with you. John Mason
Salt is admirable where taste is desirable. Sam Adeyemi
The salt does not need to be the same quantity with the soup to change the taste. Sam Adeyemi
Don’t settle for the leftovers in life. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
You are made for the top, don’t die at the bottom. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
No army can stop an idea whose time has come. Barrack Obama
the average man who has not discovered how to use his present life is already asking for the one that will last forever(eternal life) Anatole France
Great men don’t work for applause but for success. Pastor Sola Olubode
God never promise a calm voyage but a safe landing. John Mason
A wounded lion fight the hardest. Emily Dickson
The salt does not exist for itself, it was meant to give taste to others. Sam Adeyemi
A person cannot travel within and stand without. James Allen
Success is not the flag of a particular nation. Walter Carrinton
A ladder is not an end but a means to an end. Dr. David O. Ogbor
Anything that is desirable is achievable. Joy Jimoh
If you jump up, you will fall down but if you grow up, you will stay up. Bishop Oyedepo
If you pay now, you will play later, but if you play now, you pay later. John Maxwell
If I have ten hours to cut down a tree, I will take the first five hours to sharpen my axe. Abraham Lincoln
If you prepare hard enough, what will take others hundred years will take you hundred minutes. Bill Clinton
Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage. Napoleon Hill
Whatever is acquired without effort and without cost will not be appreciated.
It is not the lawyer that knows the most law that will win a case, but the one who prepare and present his case well. Pastor Okiomah
Don’t worry about the shots that will go over the bar or hit cross bar, continue until you score. John Mason
Success is not acquired overnight but over time. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
The violent take it by force. Matt 11:12b
The greatest football player misses up to a thousand shots during his career. John Maxwell
The going is only easy when you are moving backward. John Maxwell
Persistence breaks down resistance. Willy Jolly
Don’t allow what you are going through to stop you from where you are going. John Mason
It is not half time result that decides a match but the final score. john Maxwell
A successful man is the man that can build a firm foundation with the bricks others threw at him. John Mason
The world is a mirror, frown at it, it will frown at you, smile at it, and it will smile at you. Herbert Samuel
Those who cannot increase you will decrease you. Mike Murdock
Nothing will be enough for the man whom enough is too little.
A man is always introduced to himself during the period of crises. Napoleon Hill
Don’t marry the girl you love, marry the girl that loves you. African Proverb
Don’t marry a person you can live with, marry the person you can’t live without. Nkechi Mason
You can never have enough memory to be a successful liar. John Mason
The toad likes water but not when the water is boiling. Ola Rotimi
Success is to understand what people want and the willingness to give to them. John Luther
Our strength is seen in the things we stand for; while our weakness is reveal in the things we fall for. Theodore Epp
If you have a negative attitude you won’t see things positively. John Maxwell
We judge ourselves by what we can do but others judge us by what we have done. Long fellow
People are more likely to do what you inspect than what you expect. John Maxwell
The easiest way to make friends is to make your
Self-friendly. Waldo Emerson
The man that has no faith in himself cannot be faithful to other. John Maxwell
When you make a mark in life erasers will come after you. John Mason
Successful marriage requires you to fall in love many times with the same person. John Maxwell
You cannot win in the race you did not run. John Mason
Life is an ocean, it is either you are swimming or you are sinking. John Mason
Knowledge is only valuable if applied towards a worthy end. Napoleon Hill
Success is the acquisition and the application of knowledge. Napoleon Hill
Life is a bicycle, if you refuse to pedal, you will fall off. John Mason
If you want your dream to come true, don’t go to sleep. Brain Tracy
If you don’t give life what it takes, life will not give you what it contains. Bishop Oyedepo
Life is not a dress rehearsal. John Maxwell
It is not the hearer that is blessed but the doer. Pastor Okiomoh
If you give idleness your today, it will steal your tomorrow. John Mason
You cannot push anybody up to the ladder of life, except the person is willing to climb. Zig Ziglar
Never taking a chance is one of the most successful ways to become a failure. John Maxwell
The most successful way to be a failure in life is to postpone. Napoleon Hill
Delayed obedience is disobedience. John Mason
Good ideas are like babies crying in the church they need to be carried out immediately. John Mason
If you have a good idea, set it on fire, so that people will come and find out what is burning. Joe C. David
School is not a substitute for talent. Napoleon Hill
The man that is too big to learn will be too small to know. Yinka Adesada
Advertising will make the man in the desert to buy more sand. Alphonsus Iheanacho
The major reason God gave man a body is to enable him carry the brain around. Thomas Edison
Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. John Mason
The person who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning. John Mason
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Derek Bok
If your knowledge is not up to date, you will be outdated. Yinka Adesada
As oxygen is cardinal to life, so knowledge is cardinal to success. Efe Okposio
Be humble enough to learn what you don’t know. Yinka Adesada
The question is not whether God want to give but whether you are ready to receive. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
It is not your praises and worship that will make Jehovah. Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Every disappointment prepares you for a divine appointment. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
It is good for you to believe in God but it would be better if God can also believe in you. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
The value of the brain is determined by the amount of income it can generate. Napoleon Hill
Your life is the sum total of what you know. Yinka Adesada
It is good to give a man resources but it is better to teach a man how to be resourceful. John Maxwell
Poverty is not lack of availability, but lack of accessibility. Pastor Sola Olubode
Education is the progressive realization of ignorance. John Maxwell
Learn from others because you may not live long enough to commit the entire mistakes. John Mason
What you learn after you know it all is what counts in life. John Mason
Knowledge is the only insurance against poverty. Dr. David O. Ogbor
If the poor is not educated the rich cannot be protected. T. O. F. Etti
In the changing world, what you know does not matter anymore, what matter is how fast you can learn a new thing. Robert Kiyosaki
You don’t need a long fire to burn a long snake. African Proverb
Any man that starves himself of books will suffer intellectual malnutrition. Chief Obafemi Awolowo
The first capital needed to start a business is knowledge. Ray Kroc
Any employer that employed incompetent employees is himself incompetent. Brain Tracy
The purpose of school is to learn to acquire, analyze and apply information. Napoleon Hill
Opportunities are not scarce, what is scarce is those that can identify opportunities. John mason
If your brain cannot give you all you need, then borrow the rest from other brains through books. Wood Wilson
It is how much you discover that will determine how much you will recover.
When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. Myles Munroun
Success is to look for your purpose in life and fulfill it. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
The way to greatness is to look out for what is working for you and work it out. Nnanna Kalu
Success is to find your path and walk in it. Carl Thomas
If you don’t know your competitive edge, don’t compete. Jack Welch
You were created original; don’t turn yourself to a photocopy. John Mason
Don’t step on a lion if you are chasing a rat, but you can ignore a rat if you are chasing a lion. John Mason
You can never be free until your purpose in life holds you captive. John Jones
It is better to die for something than to live for nothing. Dr. Bob Jones
A mango tree is not expected to produce an orange fruit. Pastor Olubode
The man that is half prepared will not get full attention. Ubong Essien
The man that wants to go to the Promised Land must pass through the wilderness. John Mason
If you dodge your responsibility in life, you cannot dodge the consequence. Abraham Lincoln
The joy is not the medal but in the challenge. John Mason
No champion without challenge, no prosperity without preparation, no glory without adversity, no growth without a goal, no triumph without a cross, no promise land without wilderness, no childbirth without travail, no product without a process, no rise without a pain, no promotion without examination
It is a fact that everybody will die but it is not everyone that has really lived. John Mason
It is better to be a lion for a day than to be a sheep all your life. John Mason
It is risky not to take a risk. Benson Idahosa
There is no way you can grow without taking chances. John Mason
If God can put it in your mind, he can put it in your hands. Bishop Oyedepo
Success is the ability to influence your world with the gift of God in you. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Anyone that refuses change is an architect of decay. Harold Wilson
The man that stops solving problems has just turned himself to a problem. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Life is not measured by its duration but by its donation. Come ten Boom
Failure is the opportunity to know what you should not do again. Napoleon Hill
If God has made you an eagle, don’t turn yourself to a pigeon. Myles Munroe
Some people will spend the 1st half of their lives, telling people what they intend to do in future and take 2nd half to explain why they did not do them again. John Mason
While some are busy making progress others are busy making excuses. John Mason
Make sure you stop anything that can stop you. John Mason
When was the last time you did something for the first time? John Maxwell
Any success without successor becomes a successful failure. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
Never respond out of fear and never fear to respond. John Mason
The question is not whether you have failed but whether you are contented with your failure. Abraham Lincoln.
When opportunity was knocking many were complaining about the noise. John Maxwell
A truckload of excuses and blames cannot produce a pin. Rauf Alegbesola
We are on earth for a season and a reason. pastor Sola Olubode
If it takes you major part of your life to rehearse how to go mad, how long will you live to practice the madness? M.K.O Abiola
The mind is like electricity; it can bitter or better your life. John Mason
Imagination is the greatest nation on earth. John Mason
Misused times leads to misfortune. Napoleon Hill
Many spend major time on minor things, but spend minor time on major things. Jim Rohn
The gross mental attitude of a people determines the gross output of their nation. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome
You are where you are and what you are because of the dominating thoughts in your mind. John Maxwell
The future is bright if the attitude is right. Joy Jimoh
The baton of poverty I received from my parents. I refused to pass it to my children. Oprah Winfrey
The world is not waiting for your stories but for your glory. John Mason
It is easier to make progress than to make excuses.
While some are rejoicing that thorns have roses. Others are angry that roses have thorn.
Whatever you have done so far is just a fraction of what you can do. T.D jakes
The offspring of an elephant does not require prayers to be big, it is in their nature. Pastor Sola Olubode
A fish does not struggle inside the river. Pastor Sola Olubode

But thou shalt remember the lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant which He sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. Deuteronomy 8:18
I can’t be used to obtain the savior and heaven.
-Money agreed.
Here money itself has agreed, I can’t be used to obtain a savior and heaven. What then can I say?
Money is an article which may be used as a universal passport to everywhere except to obtain a savior and heaven – W.F. Kumuyi.
On a leaflet was written, do you know that you’ll outlive the sun? Do you know that when the earth and the stars have all passed away, you’ll just be beginning your endless day – a time without end? Once you are born you’ll never cease to leave. You’ll live forever; you’ll be alive eternally. Eternity has no end. This is solemn and fearful truth. Suppose it were possible to tie a rope from the earth to heaven and an ant were to go to the end and return on this rope, when the ant has done that a hundred times, then a small fraction of eternity has passed. Suppose a small boy were to empty an ocean with a cup, the time it will take the boy to do so is a very tiny part of eternity. If it were possible to gather all the books that have ever been written in all fields of human Endeavour and in all languages, and a student were to read them one by one, the time he’ll spend reading all the books will only amount to a minute fraction of eternity. If a grain of sand at the seashore will represent a year only a small negligible part of eternity will all amount to. If a bird went to sharpen its beak once a year at a mountain, when the bird wears the mountain in this way, only an insignificant part of eternity would have passed. Eternity is the life- time of the never- dying God. And you’ll be alive eternally. Once born, a person remains consciously alive forever.
Eternity doesn’t terminate at the time of death. Death is just another wrung on the ladder of eternity. It’s only a gateway to eternity- eternity in heaven or in hell. There is the resurrection of life and there is the resurrection of damnation. There is no neutral place. These are stark realities you must face.
Choose you this day. Where do you want to spend eternity? You can only answer with an action.
Eternity in hell is sure for every sinner who refuses to repent. Choose you this day. Where’ll you spend eternity, With God in heaven? Then you must repent now. He that covereth his sins shall not prosper but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. – Proverbs 28:13.

Confession (salvation pill)

Step one:
Place your right hand on your navel, close your eyes and imagine Jesus Christ standing before you.

Step two:
Prayer of salvation
Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for saving me. I believe you died for my sake. I surrender all to you. Purify, sanctify and justify me. Erase the consequences of my sins. Make me rapture able. Write my name in the book of life. Have mercy upon me and let your grace continually abide with me. Amen.

Wow!!! You have just signed into the resurrection of life. See how the hosts of angels are jubilating for you.
From now on:
But Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

You shall prosper
…And he (you) shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his (your) fruit in his season, his leaves shall not wither, and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper… Psalm 1:1-3

Now therefore fear the lord, and serve Him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods your fathers served… Joshua 24:14.

…as for me and my house (family), we will serve the LORD…Joshua 24:15-16

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