To build a better future you must stay with a better person…


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The people in your life they either increase you, decrease you, or neutralize you, you need to be very serious about your association, so check your relationship when wrong people leave your life wrong things stop happening, when toxic people leave your life toxic things stop happening, some of you your life is full of drama is because of the people you keep in your life, LET THEM GO, wrong association will kill your Joy, Passion, Dream, Faith even your drive why, just because you want to make everybody your friend, some of you are dropped in a relationship and you sayyour don’t understand, Just because you have a history with somebody doesn’t mean you have a future with somebody, You have the right make your choice, love is a must but relationship is by choice, anybody that is not making better that is making bitter let them go, if they don’t value you then you let them go, they are not part of you, they won’t You can’t force them to stay just let them go. Even on Facebook is not every body you must accept, you are the CEO of your life, you have the right to invite, delete and terminate. To build a better future you must stay with a better person.
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